Edward Panos, the volunteer

February 08, 2016
Edward Panos, the University of Montana trained is a philanthropist who helps people especially the needy and drug addicts to find a decent life. He has volunteered in most occasions to salvage the Salt Lake through joining the rescue mission and also assist people to get clothes. Mr. Panos is a married man with two daughters. Apart from his family, he loves playing golf and takes part in skiing and hiking. He is also a fun of Indie film and has endeavored to establish a funding base for the industry through co-founding a crowded platform that raises money and funds the industry.

Edward has been a co-founder of various firms and has managed some of them such as Panos Industries, LLC for eight years. Others include Indie Film Funding industry and Language Access Network; a company that deals in video interpretation. He is an investor and gives focus on building high growth small cap companies. Mr. Panos has been a consultant for long. He practiced it with Bridge360, LLC as Fund Consultant and as Energy Consultant with Blue Earth Inc. He specializes in corporate structuring and restructuring, branding and mergers and acquisition focusing mainly on IPO process and the reverse merger take over.

The philanthropist is currently a permanent resident of Utah in Park City. While at the University, he joined Sigma Chi fraternal organization and is currently an alumnus of the club. Mr. Panos Edward has skills in marketing strategies. He has a 19 years' experience in venture capitalist, consultancy and start-ups entrepreneur.
Edward F. Panos is the co-founder of Bridges360, an alternative performance fund as well as a start-up entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As a managing partner of Bridges360, he is forced to grapple with these issues on a daily basis.